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​Landscape Committee Updates

September 2, 2016

Ron Rubino and Krista Sullivan

1. Status on Routine Maintenance

a.Community Park - Sprinklers are set for watering 3 days a week under new City’s watering rules. Bench and table cleaning in now a weekly task. Power washing of benches will not be done because it impacts the finish of the wood. Power washing of picnic tables and sidewalks will be performed monthly.

b.CVL has worked with Park Improvement Committee and monument contractor on landscape element for new park monument. Building Permit approval is pending with City.

c.CVL will continue to work with Park Improvement Committee and Architect to prepare a landscape plan to for proposed park shelter and pathways. This element of the park improvement park will be completed in September to obtain direction on how much grass needs to be replaced with landscaping.

d.Water has been increased to the grass median areas along Eastbluff to return the grass to health and water the trees. While there is some improvement, the grass is still very brown. 

2. Coordination with the City

a.Shane Burckle, a representative to the City Water department will attend the HOA’s Monday 9/12 meeting to discuss water conservation and City’s limitations on days per week watering is allowed. Krista will give a quick summary of work performed in August and upcoming work for September, then will introduce Shane. 

b.CVL has submitted to NB Water Department paper request for exemption from water overages while plant material is established on slopes. 

3. Landscape Improvement - Phase 2

a. Work was completed in August on the Cocao St (“C” Street entrance) CVL to add planting materials to improve ratio of brown and green colors.

b. CVL will work on project to cover or hide irrigation pipes and tree stumps on slopes. Work will take place in September thru end of October. This is being done under regular monthly slope maintenance funding.

c. CVL maintenance crew worked on exterior slope on the C entrance and the corner of Bamboo and Bison during August.  

d. Priority improvement projects for September are: Bare slope areas on Eastbluff 

4. Monument Repair and Maintenance

a. Ron Rubino reported painting of monuments and entrance wall has been completed. The Blue Heron silhouette has been installed at each location. The new Blue Heron Community Park monument will match materials and colors of other monuments. Thank you go out to Gracie Hobbs and Marhnelle Hibbard for their volunteer effort on this project.

b Repair of water damage to stone wall at Bison entrance monument is pending. Krista will check on status with Scott.

c.Monument contractor has researched solar powered lights for new park monument. CVL was asked to evaluate the proposed lights for adequate brightness and a means to secure. Krista reported back that the solar lights are very similar to those that were at the A, B, C entrances. The lights would be set in concrete footings to keep to prevent being kicked over or potentially stolen. There could be other problems such as adjusting direction and trimming plant material to ensure sunlight from getting to the solar panels. 

After discussion of the options, the Committee voted to NOT install solar lighting at the A, B, C and Blue Heron Community Park monuments. If electrical power is available in the future at the park, monument lights could be economically added at that time.

5. Other Business

a. Inspect homeowner’s request to plant the slope behind 2215 Aralia. 
​Landscape Committee agreed the slope is bare and in need of planting. CVL will install plant material in the month of September using the monthly planting allotment.  

b.Inspect homeowner’s request to install a tree at the top of the slope behind 2415 Buckeye. 
Landscape Committee agreed on planting 2 medium size trees several feet away from the homeowner’s wall to provide shade to the backyard. The trees will be medium size to ensure they do not grow taller than the roof of the home. Krista will provide tree recommendations to the homeowner.  

6. Next meetings

a.HOA monthly members meeting is Monday September 12 the second Monday of the month because first Monday 9/5 was a Holiday.

b.There is no meeting scheduled for October. The next Landscape Committee meeting will be Friday November 4 at 9:00 am at NBTC.

March 25, 2016

Based on recommendations from the Cresta Verde Landscape arborist, the olives trees that were recently removed at the park were deemed diseased and recommended for removal. Although the trees looked healthy on the outside, they were hollow on the inside due to a bug infection, and presented a safety concern. Regretfully the Landscape Committee had no choice but to have the trees removed to prevent a tragic accident and Association liability. The remaining olive trees by the playground are also infected and will require removal in the near future.

The Landscape Committee is working with the Cresta Verde Landscape on a tree replacement plan to restore shade and beautify the park. Interested volunteers are invited to join the Landscape Committee to participate in this effort.

If you have any questions on this matter or wish to volunteer, please Contact Us through the link above.

January 14, 2016

Cresta Verde Report:
Above is the revised rotation map that will be in place until Spring, depending on the weather. As long as it stays cool we will be spending two weeks in each colored area. This will allow the crew to take more time on detail when the plants and weeds are not growing very fast. 

This week we are focusing on Eastbluff and continuing to clear the debris from the rain last week. 

January 10, 2016

Winter Landscape Schedule

  • Two week rotations - Landscaping crews will work 2 weeks in each section to prepare for spring:
  • Plant 4 barren and exposed areas along Eastbluff Dr.
  • Remove the Boxwood in the “B” Entrance and replace sick boxwood in all entrances 
  • List overgrown City, Community & homeowner trees that need trimming. THIS IS CRITICAL to prevent hazard by broken branches for people, homes and cars. If you see overgrown trees in your area please let us know. 
  • Prepare for March and Replant the B Entrance Slope with our palette of plants and trees. ​​

July 10, 2015
Landscape Update – we are in the process of fertilizing and spraying for insects as we do our weekly maintenance. This entire process will take us thru September at which time we will see what healthy plants we have and create a planting plan to “beautify” Eastbluff. As we clean out our landscape beds and slopes it may look inferior for 30 days, but the end result will be healthier plants and ground cover.  

This is to notify you we are going to be implementing the Newport Beach suggested 2 days a week watering for the exterior parkways around our community so there maybe some browning along the grass parkways. This strategy is to save water on the City owned parkway lawn and use the saved water for our community.    

July 2, 2015 - Cresta Verde Landscape (CVL) is our new landscape maintenance company as of June, 1 2015. The HOA Board issued a Request for Proposal on February 12, 2015, seeking bids for Landscape Maintenance Services. The RFP was sent to 39 contractors – 5 were selected as finalists. After personal interviews, the HOA Board selected Cresta Verde Landscape. 

Cresta Verde’s Krista Sullivan is Eastbluff’s Account Manager & Jose Zanora is the Supervisor for our community. The objectives of Cresta Verde along with the Landscape Committee are: 

Water Conservation while keeping the landscape as green as possible
Beautify the Entrances and Slopes
Enhance the Park landscaping
Consistent General Maintenance of our Community

The CVL maintenance team will be in our community Monday, Tuesday & Fridays, mowing the park on Fridays. They have already removed two dying olive trees in the park and our committee is considering appropriate replacements. Broken tree branches dangerously overhanging the sidewalk on Jamboree were quickly dispatched on Day 1 and broken sprinkler lines repaired. CVL has worked hard to spruce up the park and try to green up the grass for the July 4 picnic.

Welcome Cresta Verde!

​Report a Common Area 
Landscape Concern

​To report a broken water line or sprinkler IMMEDIATELY call 714-444-2602

For other areas of landscape concern
VIEW the Landscape Rotation Map to see when Cresta Verde will be servicing your area of Eastbluff.



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 April 25, 2017

Water Restrictions Lifted

The City Council repealed its resolution declaring a level two water supply shortage and lifted the temporary restrictions on water usage.While the drought and water restrictions are over, we all still need to practice water conservation efforts. The State's effort is being called "Make Water Conservation a Way of Life."

Permanent Restrictions Remain in Place

  • Watering over 15 minutes per station for automated irrigation systems.
  • Watering outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff.
  • Washing down hard surfaces including sidewalks and driveways.
  • Not repairing water leaks or breaks quickly.
  • Irrigating lawn, shrubs or ornamental landscape during or 48-hours after rainfall.
  • Operating a fountain or decorative water feature, unless the water is part of a recirculating system.
  • Washing a vehicle (including cars, trucks, boats, trailers and recreational) with a hose, unless the hose is fitted with a positive shut-off nozzle.

WaterSmart Newport
Eastbluff Landscape Team

Ron Rubino - Landscape Committee Chair - 949-759-9022 

Genie Kirchner

Dave Moore - Captain for the “A” Streets

Barbara Quist - Lead for the “B” Streets

Maura Williams

Mark Gart - Water Conservation

Krista Sullivan - Cresta Verde Landscape (CVL)

If you are interested in being part of the Landscaping Beautification Committee – please contact