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Please show courtesy to your neighbors!

The Association has received numerous complaints about dog owners not cleaning up after their pets in the park, on public sidewalks and on private property. Please be responsible, be prepared and don't leave a mess behind. Pet waste bags and trash containers are available at the park for your use.

​City of Newport Beach leash laws are enforced in Blue Heron Park. Please note that all dogs "must be securely restrained by a substantial leash or chain not exceeding six feet in length and controlled by a person competent to restrain such dog." Citations have been issued by Animal Control for violations.

Municipal Code chapter 7.04.020

To report violations, please call 
Newport Beach Animal Control 949-644-3717

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Board of Directors

PROPOSED Architectural Standards

Eastbluff Events

​At the February 5 HOA Meeting, the Board and Members discussed the comments received regarding the proposed Architectural Standards. Ron Rubino provided an overview of the comments including those in opposition or support. Data was distributed to show the volume and type of ARC applications the past 36 months (Exhibit A) and how the proposed standards compared to five new two-story homes now under construction Exhibit B). The Board also discussed responses to questions regarding legal authority to modify the existing architectural standards (Exhibit C). 

Directors JJ Abraham and Ryan O’Grady provided their perspectives on reasons the proposed changes were developed and how they believe the changes would benefit the community. They also discussed the comments in opposition and understood the concerns being expressed. Members were also provided an opportunity to provide input in this discussion and ask questions.

After discussion ended, the BOD discussed options on how to proceed. The BOD vote 3-0, with two Directors not attending, to terminate further consideration of the proposed Architectural Standards that had been circulated. They also decided to continue discussions of a limited scope of changes as amendments to the current guidelines. The results of this effort would be referred to the new BOD effective June 2018 to decide if any further consideration would take place. This resulted in the current guidelines to continue to be in effect for the architectural review process.

The BOD approved a change in procedures that now new applications will be submitted to South Coast Property Management for review of completeness before the review is assigned to our Consulting Architect. If a problem is noted the applicant will be notified within three working days of application being received so correction or addition(s) can be submitted.
Please send questions Ron Rubino at
For full report, go to Members Only - Docs & Forms - Architectural - Update Report for Eastbluff Architectural Standards.
Monday, April 2
Board Meeting
5:00 pm
Executive Committee
Members are not permitted to attend
6:00 pm 
Architectural Review Committee
7:00 pm
Board & Members’ meeting
​​All Eastbluff Homeowners are welcome to attend

Oasis Senior Center
801 Narcissus Avenue
Corona del Mar CA 92625

HOA Board Vacancy​
​HOA Director JJ Abraham has resigned from the BOD effective March 5, 2018. 

The Board will consider appointing a Member to fill the remainder of his 2-year term that will end in May 2019. Any interested Member who wishes to be considered for this position should contact Board President Ron Rubino at He will discuss the position and responsibilities, provide a nomination form for completion, job description, Principles of Success policy and answer any questions.

Board members commit to attend 2 Board and/or Architectural Review Committee meetings per month, assume a committee liaison assignment, fulfill their fiduciary duties to the community and exercise discretion in a manner they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of the community.

​Please be SAFE in Eastbluff!
Saturday, ​March 31
11:00 am-2:00 pm
Blue Heron Park
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We've had a few close calls on Eastbluff streets. Please be alert and observe these safety tips:

The speed limit is 25 MPH. Please observe it at all times. Children and pets are in vehicles and on the streets and sidewalks. Watch out for them as if they're your own!

Please observe STOP signs throughout the community by making a FULL STOP. Skateboarders & bicycles sometimes blow through without stopping.

Skateboarders & bikers - don't do this! Parents, please remind your kids.

Evening walkers please wear light clothing, especially if you walk in the streets. You're almost invisible in wearing black or blue at night.

Please park vehicles so they don't block sidewalks. This is illegal and forces pedestrians (including those with children in strollers) to walk into the street.