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Board of Directors

Neighborhood Watch 
Monday, August 2, 2021
Via Zoom

5:00 pm 
Board of Directors 
Executive Meeting.
  Homeowners are not 
permitted to attend.

Architectural Review Committee
6:30 p.m.
Via Zoom

General Session
7:00 p.m.
Via Zoom

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​July Board Meeting

Community Safety Fair
Tuesday, August 3
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Bonita Canyon Sports Park
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Street Safety

​Now that most pandemic restrictions have been lifted & summer weather has arrived, it seems that everyone is out and about with unbridled enthusiasm. Traffic is back and kids and adults on bikes, motorbikes and motorized scooters are enjoying new freedoms and fresh air. Since it's been awhile since we've been on the streets a lot, we're all a bit out of practice.

Please take the time to be careful on our neighborhood & community streets. EVERYONE please observe traffic laws and exercise caution at intersections and when bikes, scooters or skateboards are present. There have been reports of near misses and close calls between bikes and cars, and running stop signs seems to have become commonplace. 

​Some specific reminders for Eastbluff residents:

​When entering the neighborhood at the A, B or C street entrances, please slow down or stop to look for oncoming traffic that has the right of way.

Please observe all STOP signs with a full stop, not a roll-through.

Remember that the Bison exit does not allow straight traffic through the intersection. Please observe the right or left turn only signs and signals. Remember that this intersection once had a fatal accident that tragically took the life of a young Eastbluff resident.

For information on Bike Safety, please see this NBPD advice:

For information on Alternative Vehicles (motorized scooters, motorized bikes, Hoverboards, motorized skateboards, Segways, etc. click here:

Everyone, please stay safe!

Click for
June 2021 Crime report
for our area (see page 5)

To alert NBPD of your
 vacation absence 
Or call Records at: 

Click HERE for best advice from the Newport Beach 
Police Department to 

Protect Your Personal & Financial Information

and Avoid Package Theft

Blue Heron Park
Good Neighbor Guidelines ​

The Eastbluff HOA follows the State mandates on public gatherings and with the easing of the COVID 19 restrictions, we are welcoming more parties and gatherings in Blue Heron Park. To ensure everyone has fun, here are some reminders and useful information to keep in mind when planning those parties and gatherings. 

Blue Heron Park is open to all Eastbluff residents and their guests during the park hours, sunrise to dusk (excluding HOA events.) If you plan to have an event at the park, please remember that your use is not exclusive and other neighbors can still use the park at the same time. 

It is recommended you call Griselda at Tritz Property Management - 714-557-5900 -  if you plan on having an event at the park, including the provision of any wash/restroom facilities, to ask her to put it in the calendar. In that way, events that could cause a conflict (due to number attending and planned location within the park) can be avoided (and we can be sure sprinklers don't go off in the middle of your event!).

 There is no fee for Eastbluff HOA members to use the park.

There are park rules:

Dogs must be licensed and on leashes, owners must pick up after their pets and litter must be picked up. Municipal code requires leashes "not exceeding six feet in length and controlled by a person competent to restrain such dog."

The City of Newport Beach requires cars be legally parked.

Noise level is limited to protect the surrounding neighborhood. Newport Beach noise limit is 55 DBA. (Just a warning—this isn’t very loud, so be considerate.) 

Fires, burning of any kind, fireworks, firearms, archery, smoking, and e-cigarettes are not allowed. 

No motorized vehicles are allowed in the park except ADA mobility devices. Driving vehicles onto the grass damages the grass and the sprinklers.

Please bring extra trash bags to the park, and if the trash cannot all fit into the cans in the park, pack the trash bags out to your residential trash containers. Critters can really strew party leftovers around the park! 

The HOA has no liability for any resident’s event at the park; the party giver has the liability for any damage. 

Please do not allow anyone to climb in the young trees, on the monument sign or hang on the volleyball net or tetherball, and supervise all children for their safety. 

Enjoy the Little Free Library by taking a book or adding a few favorites to share.

Please report any damage to park or playground equipment, Little Free Library, sprinklers, trees or landscaping promptly to Gricelda so repairs can be made promptly.

Blue Heron Park is an important neighborhood resource we all love and have the opportunity to use. Please take care of it and have a great time!

Residential Burglaries in Eastbluff

Click HERE for full report 

2400 Block of Blackthorne St. (21-4629)
Occurred approx: 9:00am 6/19/2021 to 8:30pm  6/25/2021
While the victim was away, an unknown suspect entered the home by removing a window screen & climbing through the window. 

700 Block of Bison Ave. (21-4571)
Occurred approx. 5:30pm 6/23/202 to 7:00am 6/24/2021
While the victims' home was being fumigated, an unknown suspect ripped part of the tent covering and accessed the residence through the garage. 

2500 Block of Bamboo St. (21-4939)
Occurred around approximately: 8:45pm on 7/4/2021
While the victims were away, an unknown female approached the front door and rang the doorbell. A short time later, unknown suspects pried open the rear French doors to access the house. 

**If you see suspicious activity within your neighborhood at a home where you know your neighbors are on vacation, have gone out for the evening, or their home is for sale, please call the Newport Beach Police Department immediately at 

Please review the Home Security Tips and more on the Neighborhood Watch page.