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Board of Directors

Neighborhood Watch 


Board of Directors Election

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Via Zoom

The new Voting Deadline is Tuesday, June 22

Completed Ballots MUST BE MAILED in time to be RECEIVED before the deadline.

 There will be NO dropping off of ballots at the Association office.

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May Board Meeting 

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Street Safety

​Now that most pandemic restrictions have been lifted & summer weather has arrived, it seems that everyone is out and about with unbridled enthusiasm. Traffic is back and kids and adults on bikes, motorbikes and motorized scooters are enjoying new freedoms and fresh air. Since it's been awhile since we've been on the streets a lot, we're all a bit out of practice.

Please take the time to be careful on our neighborhood & community streets. EVERYONE please observe traffic laws and exercise caution at intersections and when bikes, scooters or skateboards are present. There have been reports of near misses and close calls between bikes and cars, and running stop signs seems to have become commonplace. 

​Some specific reminders for Eastbluff residents:

​When entering the neighborhood at the A, B or C street entrances, please slow down or stop to look for oncoming traffic that has the right of way.

Please observe all STOP signs with a full stop, not a roll-through.

Remember that the Bison exit does not allow straight traffic through the intersection. Please observe the right or left turn only signs and signals. Remember that this intersection once had a fatal accident that tragically took the life of a young Eastbluff resident.

For information on Bike Safety, please see this NBPD advice:

For information on Alternative Vehicles (motorized scooters, motorized bikes, Hoverboards, motorized skateboards, Segways, etc. click here:

Everyone, please stay safe!

Click for
May 2021 Crime report
for our area

To alert NBPD of your
 vacation absence 
Or call Records at: 

Click HERE for best advice from the Newport Beach 
Police Department to 

Protect Your Personal & Financial Information

and Avoid Package Theft

Reminder: Leash Law 

We have received numerous complaints of unleashed dogs on Eastbluff streets and in our Blue Heron Park. Please remember that Newport Beach leash laws DO apply in our community, including the park. 

Please be considerate of your friends and neighbors by obeying the leash laws and cleaning up after your pets. Even sweet, friendly dogs can knock over a child or adult, and large ones can be intimidating. At least one neighbor's unleashed dog was hit by a car in the street by the park. Protect your pets and yourself from injury or liability by respecting the law. 

Pet waste bags and trash cans are available at the park. Please clean up after your pet in the park and anywhere in Eastbluff. Dog feces in the park are a danger to everyone, especially children who play in the grass. Please dispose of them properly.

Newport Beach Municipal Code: 7.04.020 Leash Required.

No person having the care, charge or control of any dog shall cause or allow, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care or control, such dog to be present upon any beach, street, alley, or public place, or upon any private property or premises other than his or her own without written consent of the owner or lessee of such land unless such dog is securely restrained by a substantial leash or chain not exceeding six feet in length and controlled by a person competent to restrain such dog. 

Newport Beach Animal Control has the authority to cite violations in the park. 

Call 949-644-3717 to report violations.

HOA Board Election - June 22 Deadline


4 Candidates For 3 Board Positions
Three positions are open: 2 for a 2-year term on the Board and one position for a one-year term. due to the resignation of Tom Meng, who had one year remaining to serve. The candidate receiving the third-highest number of votes will fill the one-year term.

The four candidates are:
Russell Beemer, 2827 Catalpa
Mark Gart, 821 Camphor (incumbent)
Al Maguire, 2842 Alta Vista (incumbent)
Thomas Roche, 2321 Alta Vista


The Voting Deadline is Tuesday, June 22

Completed Ballots MUST BE MAILED in time to be RECEIVED before the deadline. There will be NO dropping off of ballots at the Association office.